Bored Wolves est. 895m


17. Antique Skies by Johan Österholm [forthcoming]
16. This Party of the Soft Things by Nhatt Nichols [forthcoming]
15. At Tremendous Dam: Some Poems 2014–2021 by Stefan Lorenzutti, cover painting by Olive Findlay [forthcoming]
14. Tell the Turning by Tara K. Shepersky and Lucy Bellwood [forthcoming]
13. Kitchen (GRR92) by Ingo Giezendanner
12. REMMUS by Mikołaj Moskal
11. She Threw the Rope & Pulled the Lake (Alina said, Anita drew) / İpi Atmış, Gölü Çekmiş (Alina söyledi Anita çizdi) by Alina Asan and Anita Sezgener, bilingual English/Turkish edition
10. The Pleasures of Empty Lots: Scenes of Istanbul 2015–2016 by Efe Murad
9. A Promenade at Home by Sevinç Çalhanoğlu, cover painting by Ürün Ünal
8. Sweaty Leaves by Petter Dahlström Persson

7. My Life in Curves Recently by Sevinç Çalhanoğlu
6. Whiz (comic-poem print) by John Porcellino and Stefan Lorenzutti

Up until this point, Bored Wolves was what Stefan called his poetry books; after this point, Bored Wolves pivots to publishing a range of poets and artists.

5. The Dollmaker by Stefan Lorenzutti, cover drawing by Antonina Gugała

4. Tyrannosaurus Rest by Stefan Lorenzutti, drawings by Anna Pipes, comic-poem by Joey Perr and Stefan Lorenzutti

3. Great Known by Stefan Lorenzutti, cover drawing by Jeremy Schneider

2. Cedar Toothpick: The Tomboy Dioramas by Stefan Lorenzutti, drawings by Laurent Le Deunff

1. Cedar Toothpick by Stefan Lorenzutti, cover drawings by Michelle Lorenzutti


In an apartment in Kraków, on a chilly October morning, Stefan Lorenzutti, bored but inspired, announces he is going to do something in life called Bored Wolves, and boredom shall be forever banished.