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The Dollmaker (Spare Cots #1) w/ Whiz

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Poems by Stefan Lorenzutti


Poems about quests. Quiet quests. Fairly unadventurous ones, as quests go. But maybe there are some mini-momentous moments here all the same: in eating a smushed muffin on a windswept mountaintop; or making a big decision (to drop out of college) while methodically reorganizing a rucksack; or failing to find a swimming hole and settling instead for a bath in the dark.

Comes with Whiz, a print of a three-panel adaptation by comix artist John Porcellino (King-Cat, Thoreau at Walden) of a Stefan Lorenzutti poem about trying to remain existentially grounded while whizzing against a barn beneath the fathomless vault of the night sky. 14×21.5cm letterpress print by Rebekah Smith.


Edition of 300
16 pages, paperback, b&w offset, Singer-sewn binding
Printed on Arctic Munken Print Cream 115 and Pure Rough 300
Designed by Pilar Rojo & Stefan Lorenzutti
Cover drawing by Antonina Gugała


Tialys and Salmakia in the White Mountains

Dragonfly squad
scuds for midges

on the surface of Kinsman’s
trembling pond at predawn.

Drinking at water’s edge
then stiffening between laps

my diorama dog detects
Gallivespian spies saddled

to dragonfly

I cup some astral flotsam
& splash my face awake.