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The Dollmaker (Spare Cots #1) w/ Whiz

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Poems by Stefan Lorenzutti


Poems about quests. Quiet quests. Fairly unadventurous ones, as quests go. But maybe there are some mini-momentous moments here all the same: in eating a smushed muffin on a windswept mountaintop; or making a big decision (to drop out of college) while methodically reorganizing a rucksack; or failing to find a swimming hole and settling instead for a bath in the dark.

Comes with Whiz, a print of a three-panel adaptation by comix artist John Porcellino (King-Cat, Thoreau at Walden) of a Stefan Lorenzutti poem about trying to remain existentially grounded while whizzing against a barn beneath the fathomless vault of the night sky. 14×21.5cm letterpress print by Rebekah Smith.


Edition of 300
16 pages, paperback, b&w offset, Singer-sewn binding
Printed on Arctic Munken paper
Designed by Pilar Rojo & Stefan Lorenzutti
Cover drawing by Antonina Gugała