Bored Wolves est. 895m

About Bored Wolves

Bored Wolves is a micro-press run by Stefan Lorenzutti and Joanna Osiewicz-Lorenzutti out of a cabin in the Polish highlands.

Stefan began Bored Wolves, in 2011, as a book-at-a-time imprint for publishing his poems in a way that felt true to himself. As of summer 2020, Bored Wolves has begun pivoting toward publishing other poets & artists, beginning with Sevinç Çalhanoğlu (My Life in Curves RecentlyA Promenade at Home) and Antonina Gugała (Things I Can’t Remember).

All Bored Wolves books are printed offset in Poland on Arctic Munken paper. Bindings are sewn & glued to facilitate cracking of spines. Stefan hand-packs every piece of Bored Wolves printed matter ever mailed out into the world.

And as the question often comes up, know that the wolves aren’t actually bored at all. They were bored, but not anymore, because they started making books.