Bored Wolves est. 895m

About Bored Wolves

Bored Wolves is a micro-press run by Stefan Lorenzutti and Joanna Osiewicz-Lorenzutti out of a cabin in the Polish highlands.

Stefan began Bored Wolves, in 2011, in collaboration with Joanna and working with graphic designer Pilar Rojo, as a book-at-a-time imprint for publishing his poems in a way that felt true to himself.

Every step of the way, his Pole Star has been the tactile and spiritual legacy of the Mimeo Revolution, a limitless source of inspiration.

In September 2020, Bored Wolves pivoted toward publishing other poets & artists, printing Sevinç Çalhanoğlu’s zine of hand-drawn graphs, My Life in Curves Recently.

With fifteen books slated for publication, 2021 is the year Bored Wolves becomes quantitatively less micro. Qualitatively, we will continue to immerse ourselves in each project with the same concentration, dedication, and affection as in years past when we were publishing that one single book at a time.

All Bored Wolves books are printed offset in Poland on fibrous Arctic Munken Paper. Bindings are sewn & glued to facilitate cracking of spines, or Singer-sewn in the case of our 16-page zines.

While we are focused on printing the best darn book we can without ever compromising on paper, binding, etc., a central plank of our publishing philosophy is that our books should always be affordable (list price generally around $12, never more than $20).

And as the question often comes up, know that the wolves aren’t actually bored at all. They were kind of bored a decade ago, but not anymore, because they started making books.


Bored Wolves est. 895m

Editor: Stefan Lorenzutti

Managing editor: Joanna Osiewicz-Lorenzutti

Graphic designers: Pilar Rojo, Damian Nowak, Kaja Gliwa, Nina Gregier

Pre-flight process: Andrzej Karlik

Photographs of books and printed matter: Nicolas Blandin

Process IG @boredwolves

Personal IG @stefanboredwolf