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Bored Wolves Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter List 2021

With fifteen books slated for publication, 2021 is the year Bored Wolves becomes quantitatively less micro. Qualitatively, we will continue to immerse ourselves in each project with book-at-a-time concentration, dedication, and affection.

Overlaps between the individual projects will emerge from season to season. The list below is fifteen solo hikers about to meet at a lodge. Tap a cask!



Mikołaj Moskal, REMMUS, gouache paintings with archival paper elements

Sevinç Çalhanoğlu, A Promenade at Home, two extended poetic works translated from the Turkish, interior artwork by Sevinç, cover painting by Ürün Ünal, Kickstarter in June

Alina Asan and Anita Sezgener, She Threw the Rope and Pulled the Lake (Alina said, Anita drew) / İpi Atmış, Gölü Çekmiş (Alina söyledi Anita çizdi)words by Alina, ink drawings by Anita, bilingual Turkish/English edition

Efe Murad, The Pleasures of Empty Lots: Scenes of Istanbul 2015–2016, an autobiographical essay in chapbook form, cover painting by Can Aytekin



Ingo Giezendanner, Kitchen (GRR92), colored pencil drawings

Anna Orłowska, title coming, archival photographs, textiles, flora, a stream in the countryside (this will be explained)

Karolina Bielawska, title coming, drawings



Tara K. Shepersky and Lucy Bellwood, Tell the Turning, poems by Tara, ink-and-wash illustrations by Lucy

Nhatt Nichols, This Party of the Soft Things, book-length poem, pencil drawings, Kickstarter in August

Katy Bentall, Greenwriting, pencil drawings, watercolors, poems and prose poems, introduction by Louise Steinman, Kickstarter in August

Helen Korpak, Hands & Feet of Friends & Family, photocollages

Johan Österholm, Antique Skies, archival glass-plate negatives, pages from antiquarian books, a lamppost with a vintage bulb

Stefan Lorenzutti, Emerald Hours, poems, cover painting by Anna Pipes



Stefan Lorenzutti, A Peppermint Dream, children’s picture book


Ongoing, 2022–

Antonina Gugała, Things I Can’t Remember, ink drawings

Efe Murad, An Organ of Quality, poems translated from the Turkish

Selcan Peksan, poems

Asiya Wadud, poems

Rebekah Boudon, poems

Stefan Lorenzutti and Michelle Alperin, Great Known: An Autobiographical Cairn (second edition), poems and prose poems by Stefan, watercolor illustrations by Michelle


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