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Cedar Toothpick

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Nutshell poems by Stefan Lorenzutti
Drawings by Laurent Le Deunff


Nutshell poems chronicling the exploits of backwoods gamine Tomboy. Each poem is a description of a diorama through which Tomboy passes over the course of a witching hour. The whisper of her moccasin footfall on pine needle is masked by the squeak of ancient parquet, as the reader meanders up and down the labyrinthine hallways of a nonexistent natural history museum.


Edition of 500
104 pages, hardcover, b&w offset, sewn & glued
Printed on Arctic Munken Print Cream 115
Designed by Pilar Rojo & Stefan Lorenzutti


Heaven flays a salmon
over eastern woods.

Tomboy kicks aside
her coniferous quilt

and wipes the sleep
from her eyes with

passing rags of nimbus.


Puppet, sniped by
slingshot’s stone,

splinters oath
between teeth

as Tomboy disinfects
wound with wood glue,

nails together elbow joint
with bone-setting thwacks.